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Get clients from Instagram without spending a dime on ads

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About Me

My name is Karan Mehtani and I own a few different businesses. I have been teaching people how to get clients from Instagram since more than 6 years now, after completing my MBA. I have trained 500+ clients till now.

Ready To 10x Your Instagram?

This training session will teach you how to get clients from Instagram every month through 50+ targeted followers every day without spending a dime on ads.

You will get these results without spending more than 30 minutes on Instagram each day and will also be taught how to optimise your profile to convert the new follower into a paying client and get a ton of engagement on every post/reel.

Modules Included


  • In the first module you will learn how to get 50+ organic and targeted followers every day without spending a dime on ads and promotions,

  • how to hit the explore page and top posts of hashtags you use,

  • how to get local followers and

  • a few more organic techniques to enhance your follower count.


  • In this module you will learn how to get 1000+ likes on every post,

  • and how to get 50+ real comments on every post.

Instagram Business Profile Optimisation

  • The third module will include your Instagram Marketing Plan,

  • professional business account layout,

  • content,

  • captions,

  • bio,

  • name and username,

  • number of posts a day,

  • hashtag research

How It Works

Learn At Your Own Pace

  • There are no deadlines or expiration dates. I understand most of my clients have day jobs and thus, I have made this training session very flexible.

  • We will move to the next topic only when you are a 100% comfortable with the current topic.

Module Stay With You

All the modules will be sent to your e-mail, once you have read them completely and comfortably, we will discuss the modules, answer your questions and I will review the changes you make.

Available Forever

I will be available to you forever for any doubts or questions you come up with in the future.

Continuous Updates

You will also get continuously updated by me regarding any important changes Instagram makes. 

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